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This community is for anything body-related and body positive. Anything. Medical advice, nude photos, physical anthropology... whatever. You can post about anything from the evolution of the vermiform appendix to the funny noises your stomach makes when you've had too much vitamin C. That includes sex stories, as long as the focus is on bodily stuff rather than, say, the equipment you use. (Not that there's anything wrong with using specialized equipment, but there are plenty of other communities for that.)

Please keep topics friendly, relevant, and body-positive. Remember this is not a rating community — don't be judgemental. Because of the potential sexual content, I'll only accept people whose userinfo says they're 18 or over. Other than that, anything goes.

If you're stuck for posts, here's a quiz to start you off:
  1. Is there a higher, non-physical state of being?
  2. How do you feel about having evolved from apes?
  3. What control do our genes have over our lives?
  4. What is consciousness? What happens to it when we die?
  5. Can a fat person be attractive?
  6. How do you feel about body hair?
  7. What about bodily secretions like sweat, snot and so on?
  8. Should public nudity be legal? Should toplessness be acceptable for women as well as men?
  9. What's the most public place you have gone nude in front of other people?
  10. Do you feel guilty about masturbating?

Feel free to add, subtract, multiply or divide questions as you see fit.

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